Monday, 4 April 2011

Today is the day!!!

So while I was out on my morning stroll, breathing in the fresh autumn air and appreciating the natural beauty surrounding me I made a decision! 

We make decisions on a daily basis so why is it that I am so surprised at the fact that I actually made a decision?? Lately I have been struggling and I mean really struggling with the decisions I have recently had to make. Over the last few months I have been struggling with the question 'to go or not to go??'. The decision was extremely hard to make and was consuming my life and hanging over me like a big dark grey cloud! 

Sometimes we just know what the right thing to do is but sometimes the decision is just too big and a little bit too scary!!!. My friend Jacinda shared a quote with me recently which I thought was rather fitting-
'You either make the right decision or you make the decision right'... hopefully I've made the right decision or will be able to make it right if I haven't!!

But today whilst walking (ipod free as my trusty friend decided to run out of battery as I began my walk!) I looked up at the glistening blue sky and thought today is the day!! .... to take the plunge and start my very own blog!! This is something I have been thinking about for a while now, but have never quite gotten round to beginning. But as a result of the decision I have recently made I am now overwhelmed by the copious amont of free time I have .... for the moment! So what better time to put my a into g and start this thing before I get caught up in something else!

So here I am sipping on a cup of tokyo lime green tea (courtesy of tleaf T and one of lifes little my life anyway! ) and writing my first post's a little bit daunting but rather exciting at the same time! I am creating this blog to hopefully showcase some of the things I love in life  - fashion, food, recipes, music, art, travel and a little bit of whatever else I happen to discover and love......

stay tuned for more and spread the word if your a fan
simran x


  1. Dearest sim, this is ever so exciting, i will follow from melbs and wish i was with you!! xx your biggest fan xx lots of love

  2. Simo, loving the blog dude. Nice quote also. Keep up the good work aye, I'll be following closely.

    You should learn to be a good friend like me a keep in touch ya dick.


    PS: When's the tea shop opening?

  3. Thanks lovely people :) x - geoffry I sent u a msg on fb :)