Friday, 15 April 2011

International Record Store Day

When was the last time you ventured into a record store?? I have to admit I haven't done so myself in a while! Tomorrow is the perfect day to do so however as it's International Record Store Day - the day where independently owned record stores and artists unite to celebrate music. So why not pop into your local record store and show some support for the traditional music outlet. Purchase some music or a dvd at the store and physically grasp your purchase instead of delving into cyberspace and purchasing it online (or illegally downloading .... Í am as guilty as the next person of having done so at some point!) The internet revolution has had a significant impact on the music industry and the way we purchase and listen to music. But I love rummaging through a really good old school record store, waiting for that one cover to jump out and grab my attention. It's similar to wondering around a really good bookstore .... something I could spend hours doing! Conch records on Ponsonby road here in Auckland is one of my favourites with it's cute little boteco (small cafe) nestled inside!

I love this quote by Cameron Crowe a former rock journalist turned screenwriter and director.

“The record store. Where true fandom begins. It’s the soul of discovery, and the place where you can always return for that mighty buzz. The posters. The imports. The magazines. The discerning clerks, paid in vinyl, professors of the groove. Long live that first step inside, when the music envelopes you and you can’t help it. You walk up to the counter and ask the question that begins the journey — “what is that you’re playing?” Long live the record store, and the guys and girls who turn the key, and unlock those dreams, every day.”

Here is a quick sample of some of the music I'm listening to right now-bit of a random mix!

Love Adele!!

Have a lovely Friday :) Simran xx

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