Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Sprinkles.....

I used to love indulging in a snow freeze icecream covered in sprinkles as a child......much to my mothers dismay, as much of this delightful treat often ended up all over my face and clothes!!!  But brought so much joy to my world!

I'm a big fan of sprinkles. I have fond childhood memories of enjoying french vanilla icecream covered in rainbow sprinkles. This was my all time favourite dessert as a simple yet so good!! Sprinkles always make me happy, they're so fun and liven up any sweet treat!! I love it how the simplest things can make you so happy!! Strangely I get excited by rainbow sprinkles......each to their own!!!
Frankly speaking I don't think the world would be the same without rainbow sprinkles! Thankfully the world didn't end yesterday and I can continue to enjoy the sweet sugary morsels for another day at least!! Hope everyone's having a lovely Sunday. simran xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Project Runway

Reality T.V. shows can start to become a bit of a drag to watch after several seasons of the same old same old ..... but one reality show I continue to be hooked on is project runway. I can't get enough of this show and make sure that I'm home at 9.30 to watch it!!  Season 8 is currently screening in NZ (we're a bit behind on a lot of things here!!) and tonight was the resort wear episode. I loved loved loved Andy's look and was quite surprised when he didn't win the challenge as his look screamed resort wear!! I loved the colour, texture and whole feel of this outfit.

I also really liked Michael D's look. Didn't quite have the same resorty feel as Andy's, however I still really liked it and thought it had an elegant and simplistic feel about it. Hope your having a great thursday :) simran xx

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Negative Vibes


One thing that really really irritates me is when I'm having a good day like I was today and someone comes along and pops my happiness bubble with the tiny irritating and unwanted utterance that escapes their lips!!!

I feel that sometimes one is better off keeping their mouth SHUT!!! I don't appreciate it when my positive energy is sucked away in one tiny moment and replaced with negative vibes!!! It's amazing how just one stupid comment can so easily wipe away all positivity and ruin your day!!! I know everyone has their off days ....... I'm as guilty as the next person, but sometimes on those off days I think some people should have a quick chamomile tea or go for a run or something to calm down before engaging in conversation with me  ESPECIALLY when I'm having a good day!!! 

some people really need to take this advice and just smile and be happy for once!

 Hope your Wednesday evening was happier than mine!! simran xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Led Zeppelin vs Gramatik- Stairway to Hip Hop Heaven

For some reason I really like this video clip......not totally sure why? but the music has a really chilled vibe about it which I like. simran xx

Stitch in Time

For a while now I've had a bit of a thing for Vogue magazine and have built up quite a collection over the years. Inge Jacobsen is a UK based artist who seems to share to my love of the magazine and has created stitched versions of the it. I wish I was as creative and could be creative with such simple things as a needle and some thread!!! I have had my share of trouble with needles, thread, sewing machines, sewing teachers, sewing in general really! I am soo useless when it comes to handling needle and thread that I even struggle like really struggle with the simple task of cross stitching ..... I guess it's not really my thing, though after seeing Jacobsen's work I wish it was so I could create such amazing works!! I have however decided to give knitting a go. I would love to knit a beanie or a skarf or a scrumptiously warm knit jumper.....but lets not get too ahead of ourselves!! anyway I think Jacobsen is incredibly talented!! What do you think? simran xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wonderful Weekends......

The weekend that has just past us by was different!......It was different because it was a weekend cut off entirely from the virtual world.......a weekend free of the internet! NO email, NO facebook, NO blogging, NO watching gossip girl, NO twitter, NO aimless internet wandering.......NO internet full stop! and it felt AMAZING!!! Sometimes it's nice to step away from the technological being that our life has come to depend on and remove ourselves from the computer network that is the internet, which our lives seem to revolve around, and experience other things in life. This is exactly what I did last weekend........
I went out for breakfast and had pancakes with mango, citrus and mascarpone at the richmond rd cafe. They were sooo good they deserve a post all to themselves!! I baked biscuits, I made orange juice, I did my washing, I made dinner, I went out for dinner and enjoyed some really good wine, I went shopping and finally sat down (with a cup of tea of course!) and read through the April and May issues of British vogue, the latest issues of OK and Frankie and flicked through the Autumn issue of the Donna Hay magazine for food inspiration. This pile of magazines has been sitting on my desk waiting for some serious attention for several weeks now!!

They looked better before I got stuck into them!

I also went for some relaxing and lazy walks (minus my ipod) at my favourite park-Cornwall park in Auckland. The lack of ipod enabled me to be more aware and observant of my surroundings- the cows grazing, lush green grass and the clear blue sky. Instead of listening to my latest playlist I listened to the sounds of  the birds chirping and the autumn leaves rustling around which made for a nice change. I didn't feel any sense of loss without my trusty ipod (as I do sometimes) and actually found the experience quite liberating especially since it was a stunning day without a cloud in sight!

I think I will embrace internet free weekends more often! and I think sometimes one needs to remember there are other things in life besides facebook and twitter and disengaging from the pull of the net once in a while is a good thing and can be quite refreshing!! Hope everyone had a lovely tuesday. simran xx

Little & Friday Love on Tuesday

As I've mentioned before I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting cafes and Little and Friday would have to be one of my favourites right now. Little and Friday is a super cute neighbourhood cafe and I sooo wish it was my local! I head over to the shore especially to get my fix!! Luckily they are opening in NewMarket soon and I can't wait!! I have visited this cute spot on numerous occasions now and I still get excited when I lay eyes on the scrumptious delights behind the glass cabinet. They all look sooo amazing it's hard to choose which tasty treat to devour!!! I am a huge fan of the savoury brioche which is filled with yummy things like feta, spinach and sundried tomato ....a winning combo! Little and Friday don't disappoint when it comes to chocolaty goodness, the cone shaped lamington look-a-likes which are a chocoholics dream come true are also amazing!! The beautifully decadent chocolate cake is moist, rich and incredibly satisfying!!! and covered in an amazing chocolate ganachey number. The date and orange scones are definitely worth a try..... they are really really good even better with butter!!! The custard tarts with rhubarb and raspberries are equally delicious.

I love how the delightful treats are served on gorgeous antique plates. Little and Friday also do fantastic chutneys, shortbread and other delectable delights to take home. This fantastic cafe is located at 43 Eversleigh Road Belmont and in my point of view definitely worth venturing to the shore for!

On my next visit I think I have to try one of the flakey pastry savouries which look soo good!

they make good coffee too :)

I hope you get the chance to experience some Little and Friday taste sensations soon :) simran xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011