Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wonderful Weekends......

The weekend that has just past us by was different!......It was different because it was a weekend cut off entirely from the virtual world.......a weekend free of the internet! NO email, NO facebook, NO blogging, NO watching gossip girl, NO twitter, NO aimless internet wandering.......NO internet full stop! and it felt AMAZING!!! Sometimes it's nice to step away from the technological being that our life has come to depend on and remove ourselves from the computer network that is the internet, which our lives seem to revolve around, and experience other things in life. This is exactly what I did last weekend........
I went out for breakfast and had pancakes with mango, citrus and mascarpone at the richmond rd cafe. They were sooo good they deserve a post all to themselves!! I baked biscuits, I made orange juice, I did my washing, I made dinner, I went out for dinner and enjoyed some really good wine, I went shopping and finally sat down (with a cup of tea of course!) and read through the April and May issues of British vogue, the latest issues of OK and Frankie and flicked through the Autumn issue of the Donna Hay magazine for food inspiration. This pile of magazines has been sitting on my desk waiting for some serious attention for several weeks now!!

They looked better before I got stuck into them!

I also went for some relaxing and lazy walks (minus my ipod) at my favourite park-Cornwall park in Auckland. The lack of ipod enabled me to be more aware and observant of my surroundings- the cows grazing, lush green grass and the clear blue sky. Instead of listening to my latest playlist I listened to the sounds of  the birds chirping and the autumn leaves rustling around which made for a nice change. I didn't feel any sense of loss without my trusty ipod (as I do sometimes) and actually found the experience quite liberating especially since it was a stunning day without a cloud in sight!

I think I will embrace internet free weekends more often! and I think sometimes one needs to remember there are other things in life besides facebook and twitter and disengaging from the pull of the net once in a while is a good thing and can be quite refreshing!! Hope everyone had a lovely tuesday. simran xx

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