Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Negative Vibes


One thing that really really irritates me is when I'm having a good day like I was today and someone comes along and pops my happiness bubble with the tiny irritating and unwanted utterance that escapes their lips!!!

I feel that sometimes one is better off keeping their mouth SHUT!!! I don't appreciate it when my positive energy is sucked away in one tiny moment and replaced with negative vibes!!! It's amazing how just one stupid comment can so easily wipe away all positivity and ruin your day!!! I know everyone has their off days ....... I'm as guilty as the next person, but sometimes on those off days I think some people should have a quick chamomile tea or go for a run or something to calm down before engaging in conversation with me  ESPECIALLY when I'm having a good day!!! 

some people really need to take this advice and just smile and be happy for once!

 Hope your Wednesday evening was happier than mine!! simran xx

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