Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Stitch in Time

For a while now I've had a bit of a thing for Vogue magazine and have built up quite a collection over the years. Inge Jacobsen is a UK based artist who seems to share to my love of the magazine and has created stitched versions of the it. I wish I was as creative and could be creative with such simple things as a needle and some thread!!! I have had my share of trouble with needles, thread, sewing machines, sewing teachers, sewing in general really! I am soo useless when it comes to handling needle and thread that I even struggle like really struggle with the simple task of cross stitching ..... I guess it's not really my thing, though after seeing Jacobsen's work I wish it was so I could create such amazing works!! I have however decided to give knitting a go. I would love to knit a beanie or a skarf or a scrumptiously warm knit jumper.....but lets not get too ahead of ourselves!! anyway I think Jacobsen is incredibly talented!! What do you think? simran xx

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