Monday, 11 April 2011

Shady Lady

I know we are heading into winter here in NZ but I am a bit of a sucker for sunglasses and have been checking out some of the latest spring/summer collections. I love the retro chic styles and the way the cateye look has the ability to transport one back to the 50's or 60's .... all that's needed is a yellow polka dot bikini! I like some of the edgy numbers also but I'm not quite sure if I can pull them off!!! I guess it's all about confidence and owning your look....maybe by the time we hit spring here in the southern hemisphere I might have worked up the courage to purchase a slightly more daring pair of my own!

I have fallen for the retrosuperfuture flat randagio and lucia sunglasses. Infact I'm quite a fan of several pieces in the spring super collection. Karen Walker's collection has also had a bit of an impact and secretly created a little flutter of excitement within me when I set eyes on it ...... If only I could justify such a purchase at a time when the sun is rarely choosing to make an appearance and we are only really experiencing glimmers of sunshine......but maybe, just maybe a glimmer of sunshine is enough to make me succumb to the temptation!!!
The snazzy shades do also help when it comes to savouring the last of the sunshine!?.....or that is at least what I will be telling myself when the dent in my already dismal looking bank balance is transformed into a gapping hole!!!
Sometimes  I am just not strong enough to resist and sometimes just a glimmer is enough to justify making sure I am in possession of my newfound love!!!!

These Mickey mouse sunglasses by Jeremy Scott are just so cute and quirky I had to add a picture!

Simran xx

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