Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Now for Some Fashion....

Over the last few years I have been creating folders and filling them with pictures which I think contain elements of true brilliance, whether it be the fashion, the colours, the setting, the lighting, the makeup or something else which is interesting or just a bit strange. Sometimes I just save them because they are uplifting and brighten up my day or sometimes I find them inspiring. The following images have been captured by Scott Schuman, the genius behind the blog - The Satorialist. I admire Scott Schuman's photography and make a point to check The Satorialist on a daily basis. Below are a sample of a rather large collection of pictures I have acquired over time. Hope you enjoy :) Simran xx


  1. Camel is going to be sooo hawt this winter.. im liking the crop jackets too.. peg pants are awesome.. i take them to work some days.. with wedges.. give the partners something more interesting to look at?!