Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Four Seasons in One Day

 New Zealand weather is often described as having four seasons in one day. Today was one of these days here in Auckland. Today mother nature definitely decided to showcase some of her magic! We got a real taste of winter with a sudden cold snap hitting our city as well as a decent amount of rain and amongst this glimmers of sunshine and the odd patch of blue sky. I'm not too keen on days like these and I often find myself telling mother nature to just 'make up her mind!' This may sound a little crazy but when you find that one minute it's raining the next minute the sun is making a welcomed appearance and the next there's a mini cyclone!!! it can get just a little annoying....especially when deciding what to wear. I think right now layers are the key!!! Tonight whilst walking to my car it felt like winter had well and truly set in. It almost felt like the time to rug up in a chunky knit, scarf and beanie.

I seriously don't remember it being this cold around the same time last year but it seems like each year it starts to get a little cooler a little bit earlier than the previous year. With all the strange things going on with the weather worldwide it's hard to know what to expect. It seems like climate change is real and something is seriously up with the weather patterns. It seems like mother nature has definitely decided to unleash her fury in the recent months with the disastrous spate of floods, cyclones and earthquakes which have created immense devastation and affected many worldwide ..... maybe the world is coming to an end??....or maybe not!!

So as I sit here writing this (sipping on a cup of peppermint tea) I am all rugged up in my flannelet  p.j.'s, an oversized cardigan (stolen from my dad's wardrobe!) and a beautiful warm shawl, and I am thankful that I have not had to endure such calamity and I am also thinking of those who have.

I am thankful that all I have had to endure is four seasons in one day. Happy Tuesday wherever you are in the world.

Simran x

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